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A belt buckle studded with jewel and silver


The word "toka" (buckle) has existed in our language since Old Turkish. Once it carried the meaning of the point where two rivers meet; later this meaning disappeared but the word continued to exist in the verb "toka-lasmak" (to shake hands). One of its meanings refers to the part which connects the two ends of a belt.

During the times when Turks were known world-wide, Turkish art fascinated not only Turks but also other nations under the sovereignity of Turks or not. Furthermore it influenced many people from different countries and entered their lives. This influence can be easily be observed in the examples of European engravings dating from that period.

The most important part  of he belt which can be considered as a work of art is the buckle. Buckles were made by every known technique. In some of them it is possible to observe more than one technique. The buckles made by repousse, studding, filigree, niello and jewel techniques are greater in number and most common.