~o0o TURKISH   BELT   BUCKLES    ~o0o~


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A silver belt buckle from Van. Different techniques were used together.

"The moon your bright face, the sun your eyes.
Men in love beg your aims.
Jewelery belt around your delicate waist,
Sway in such a manner that won't hurt."




The belt buckles which remain only in poems, song and old pictures were once the inseparable part of our clothes.

In Turkish Culture goods have never been regarded as merely an ulititarian object. Turkish artists have always found a way to design the object to be both useful and beautiful. These two qualities have been inseparable. Not only the belt buckles but even the waistbands of shalwars (baggy trousers) were embellished with elegant motifs as well


Text and photos by: M. Zeki Kusoglu