The Mediterranean Region Yaylas

The yaylas of Turkiye's southern coast lie high in the Taurus mountains. Providing refuge from the intense summer heat and ample grazing for the domestic animals, these pastures and meadows are rich both in vegetation and wildlife.


The Yaylas of ANTALYA

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Ördübek Yaylasi,Antalya



The Yaylas of  IÇEL

The Yaylas of ADANA

The great agricultural plain surrounding Adana is the breadbasket of Türkiye, a fertile region heavily cultuvated with fields, gardens, orchards. The intense summer heat, however, makes it essential for farmers with sheep, cattle and goats to move their herds to the higher elevations for cool temperatures and fresh grazings. Around 300 yaylas of different sizes , ot the mountain plateau in the region of Adana. Here you can observe the traditional summer migrtion as well as escape from the heat of the Çukurova plain.

  • Kozan-Horzum Yaylasi:         22 km from town of Kozan

  • Pozanti-Tekir Yaylasi:           7 km from Pozanti

  • Osmaniye-Zorkun Yaylasi:   26 km southeast of Osmaniye

  • Olukbasi Yaylasi:                  16 km. out of Osmaniye

  • Feke-Indere Yaylasi:            59 km out of town Feke at an altitude of 1500 meters.

  • Karaisali-Kizildag Yaylasi:   27 km from Karaisali.

  • Ardicoglu Yaylasi:                 plateaux of splendid natural beauty.

  • Other Yaylas:                       Aladag-Agcakise, Baspinar, Bici-Kosurga, Kadirli,                                               Armutoglu, Tufanbeyli, Kürebeli, Obruk,
                                                  Kozan village-Çulluusagi, Saimbeyli-Çatak,
                                                  Aladag village, Meydan.


The Yaylas of HATAY

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Güzel Yayla , Hatay


The Yaylas of GAZIANTEP


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