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Ayder Yaylasi, Rize

The Black Sea Region

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Kümbet Yaylasi, Giresun


The Black Sea Region offers a wealth of summer encampments in the lush mountains which ring the coast and is a great destination for those interested in the extraordinary variety of wildlife in Türkiye. It is almost commonplace to see eagles, falcons, hawks, woodcocks, weasels, rabbits, squirrels, pine eagles, martens, wild goats, mountain goats, foxes and even wolves, wild boars and bears. Naturalists will be imperesed with the diversity of vegatation; fir, spruce, cedar, beech, oak, lime, hazelnut as well as other species forest the mountain sides.

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Çat Forest

The Yaylas of


Güzfindik-Bozarmut Yaylasi:
35 km. soutwest of the village of Yenikent, altitude of 1350 meters.
Türkeli Kurugöl Yaylasi:
In the Türkeli district at an altitude of 800 meters.



Persembe Yaylasi:
124 km. away from the coastal town of Ordu, at 1350 meters.
Çambasi Yaylasi:
58 km. south of Ordu providence at 1250 meters.
Ordu-Keyfalan Yaylasi:
Within the Igdir Forest, 134 km. from Ordu at altitude of 200 meters.
Akkus Argin Yaylasi



Bektas Yaylasi:
58 km. away from Giresun at an altitude of 2000 meters.
Kümbet yaylasi:
The yayla which streches across high pasture land at an altitude of 1640 meters. Each year on the second Sunday in July, the villagers hold their summer festivities.









Maçka-Solma Yaylasi:
50 km. away from town of Macka, at an altitude of 1700 meters.
Erikbeli Yaylasi:
24 km. south of Tonya at an altitude of 1800 meters.
Çaykara-Uzungöl Yaylasi:
at 1250 meters, it's a summer settlement 20 km. away from Caykara. It is known for its beautiful meadows and magnificant landscapes. A pristine lake in which fish are bred lies surrounded by verdant mountain sides, and the area offers excellent opportunities for trekking.
Karadag Yaylasi:
Other Yaylas:
Hidirnebi, Kuruçam, Maçka-Mavura, Maçka-Çakirgöl, Kiraz, Lapazan, Sazalani, Sis Dagi, Kadirga, Çatma, Odabasi, Düzköy









Ayder Yaylasi:
17 km. from Camlihemsin, at an altitude of 1350 meters. Naturally hot (50C) waters of the local thermal spring provide relaxation, and cure various disease. 22 km. from Camlihemsin at an altitude of 2300 meters is the Yukari Kavron Tourism Center

Anzer Yaylasi:
76 km. from Rize at an altitude of 3000 meters. The world famous Anzer honey, said to have medicinal properties, comes from apiaries in the meadows around the yayla.

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Anzer Yaylasi









Artvin province offers those looking for adventure and sport a wide variety of activities. White-water rafting, hunting and rock climbing are among the possibilities in this northeast corner of Türkiye.

Yusufeli-Kaçkar Yaylasi:
53 km from Yusufeli at an elevation of 3200 meters. Those wishing to climb to the summit of Kaçkar mountain can replenish their supplies at the yaylalar Village and hire mules to go up to the 3328 meter high Dilber Düzü. This camping-site offers the closest lodging to the summit.

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Wooden Yayla Houses, Artvin





Zigana Yaylasi:
at an altitude of 2032 meters, between Trabzon and Bayburt.
Other Yaylas:Altintaslar, Çam Piknik




Kop Dagi Yaylasi:
40 km south east of Bayburt at an altitude of 2918 meters.

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